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    The tutoring program at the Malden Teen Enrichment Center got its start in 2013. The program is led by former Malden High School teacher, Arlene Ceppetelli. MTEC coordinator, Catherine MacMullin wanted to add an educational element to the center and so recruited Ceppetelli to spearhead the program.

    Ceppetelli and sophomore Simon Cen tutor sophomore Terrell Pesaturo. Photo by Man Nguyen.

    The program is available to everyone at Malden High School. Whether a person is in need of help for a math quiz, or just wants a quiet and productive environment to work in, all are welcome to join the program.

    The program is available after school from 3pm to 5pm, on tuesdays and thursdays, and takes place in the MTEC basement. Many subjects are offered in the program. Math, English, foreign language, etc. are taught here for all students who wish to take advantage of the learning opportunity.  

    “You name it; we've done it,” stated Ceppetelli.  

    Along with helping the students with school work, Ceppetelli hopes to guide their way in life, help them pursuing their dreams, and enlighten them of what is happening around the world. Besides subjects at school, the program is also open to those who needs help with other academic-related issues like filling out the FAFSA for college.

    So far, her experience is great. “I love it with my heart and soul,” said Ceppetelli. She enjoys teaching the most whenever a student makes progress or when they share with her their dreams and aspirations for the future.

    To find people who will be part of the program, Ceppetelli and MacMullin stood outside the cafeteria for the first week of school and asked students to be tutors or asked if they needed tutoring. Then, at the end of the year, all the students who participate in the program will be given a recommendation letter by Ceppetelli, for their contribution for the program.

    Junior Jack Li tutoring. Photo by Man Nguyen.

    “People here are like your friends, but they are here to help you, not gossip,” said sophomore Terrell Pesaturo, a participant of the program.  “Just pure school work.”

    For Ceppetelli, the program gives her chance to do what she enjoys so much. Ceppetelli loves seeing her students in love with learning because being able to do so is a dream came true. “I am grateful for the opportunity to continue working with students and help them improve their academics through our peer tutoring program,” said Ceppetelli.

    “As a teacher, I hope to help them develop a love for learning, as well as build self-confidence in themselves as young men and women to pursue their goals in life," Ceppetelli concluded.


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