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    As of January 2, 2017, the reading competition at Malden High School is on!

    Student Reading Challenge form located on the Malden High School library website. Photo by Sydney Stumpf.

    From Jan. 2, to June 2, Malden High School is hosting a reading contest, created by librarian, Mary Liberge, and an English teacher. The goal, Liberge says, was to “increase student recreational reading.” They thought that it would be fun to include the staff as well.

    Participants read books and fill out the Reading Challenge form on the MHS library website, and teachers and staff participating have a separate form located in the Tornado Times. Liberge says that both teachers and students have already participated.

    Liberge hopes that “this challenge will get more students to read for pleasure.” She notes the school work and time on social media that prevents students from allowing themselves to “pick up a book and read for pleasure.” The book recommendations that will, and already are, coming out of the contest, will hopefully “help other MHS students choose books to read” and “get students to start talking to one another about books, authors, and even topics.”

    There will be a prize for the students in each grade that reads the most books, and another for the overall winner.


    Sydney Stumpf is a junior at Malden High school and in her third year of the Blue and Gold. Stumpf is now the head copy editor of the newspaper. She loves coffee and her favorite place to go is Walnut Street Cafe. Her favorite holiday is halloween because of her love for horror and dressing up. Her favorite season is fall because of the weather, and opportunities to go apple picking and pumpkin picking. She also loves astrology–she’s a Leo. Her favorite television show is Friends and her favorite movie is The Royal Tenenbaums. She got into The Blue and Gold because she was interesting in writing and becoming a better leader.

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