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    Freshman Olivia Simmons-Normil who plays the position of shortstop, centerfield, and also sometimes pitches, is very ecstatic for the season to start. She has been playing softball for two years and was encouraged by her mother who also grew up playing softball as well. She also plays softball in remembrance of her mother.

    Freshman Olivia Simmons-Normil. Photo by Jemisha Syliant.

    As a way to start off the season, Normil has high expectations for the season. She says that her expectations for this season is to make a good start to her high school career in playing on the Malden team. She also states, “[she expects] that [her] teammates will be nice, motivating, and all around wanting the same thing, to win the game and be the best team out there.” She also mentions that her goal for this season is, “to at least get one out of the park homerun and make a few diving catches in the outfield.” Normil also wants to have a good reputation as a softball player.

    Normil also adds that she is very honored to be playing on the Malden varsity team as a freshman. She says, “to [her] it means that all [her] hard work and effort that [she puts] into softball has finally pulled off and honestly, [she’s] ecstatic to be playing with upper classmen.”

    Normil also adds that she has a really big passion for softball. She states, “the reason [she has] so much passion for softball is because [she’s] competitive and softball gives [her] that rush of adrenaline.” She explains how throwing her first pitch gets her in a certain mode that no one can change until the end of the game. Normil also adds that softball is not just a passion for her but it is also a big part of her life. “It’s almost like a second half of [herself]”, she expresses.

    She also gives advice by saying she would tell younger girls who want to play softball to just go for it. Normil says, “if you want to play softball then play softball, do not let other people interfere with what you want to do.”


    Jemisha Syliant is returning to The Blue and Gold for her second year, this time as a Lead Reporter. She is a sophomore who also participated in Indoor and Outdoor Track during the previous winter and spring. Her favorite TV show is Law and Order and her favorite hobby is listening to music, particularly R&B and hip-hop. This year, she is interested in joining the Red Cross Club and wants to improve her skills on writing articles for sports.

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