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    Samantha Forestier posing for a picture. Photo by Cassandra Reyes.

    Samantha Forestier posing for a picture. Photo by Cassandra Reyes.

    Samantha Forestier, a senior at Malden High School, has been awarded with the Posse Scholarship presented by The Posse Foundation. It is the foundation’s goal to “[identify], [recruit], and [train] youth leaders from urban public high schools to form multi-cultural Posses” in colleges distant from the applicants’ hometown  (Posse).

    Forestier spoke of the application and interview process, explaining that it was “stressful at times, but overall fun and interesting.” Even though the final days before she received her admission decision were “filled with anxiety,” the Posse staff and other applicants would make “[each other] feel comfortable … and proud of how far [they had] come.”

    The foundation awarded Forestier with a full, four year tuition scholarship to Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, only a few miles outside of Philadelphia. Bryn Mawr caught Forestier’s attention right away because “the [school’s] posse is made up of women who are interested in STEM fields, and [she] knew that [she] wanted to surround [herself] with students who shared similar interests.”

    She also added how “absolutely gorgeous” the campus is from “the old historic buildings” to the “green lawns and Cherry Blossom trees” that create a “serene feeling.”

    Samantha is interested in studying chemistry, biology, and medicine, but has not yet decided which path she will take. Her ultimate goal is to “positively impact the lives of other people” which starts with her studies.

    As senior class president, captain of the swim and crew teams, and member of many clubs including Chemistry Club, Forestier is likely to continue being just as involved on campus next fall. She is already familiar with nine girls who will also be attending Bryn Mawr through the Posse Foundation who she believes “will become family to [her],” especially when she’s away from her own.

    Come next fall, Forestier will be on her way to Bryn Mawr and will surely be missed by students and staff at MHS.


    Haley Mallett, now a senior, is passionate about history and takes almost every history class available to broaden her knowledge. Mallett is also passionate about subjects such as government, Spanish, and writing. She has always been interested in journalism but due to a busy schedule in the past this will be her first year taking Blue and Gold. Outside of school, Mallett volunteers in her church as a youth ministry teacher. In addition, Mallett’s interests extend to dance as she has been dancing for 14 years and even works at her dance studio as the secretary.Traveling is another passion of Mallett’s and she has visited almost every state in the country. When asked about her aspirations in life, she responded that overall she hopes to be well educated, cultured, and most importantly to be happy.

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