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    Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    by  • November 30, 2016 • Entertainment Opinions, Homepage, Movie Reviews, Opinion • 0 Comments

    After a long time, J.K. Rowling finally showcased her Harry Potter prequel, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, on November 18th. Wizards, witches, and muggles teleported, went by floo powder, or walked in to their nearest movie theatre to follow Newt Scamander’s adventures in the unknown land of 1926 New York, with his...

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    Are the Oscars Too White?

    by  • February 10, 2016 • Entertainment Opinions, Homepage, National, North American News, Opinion • 0 Comments

    The lack of diversity in the media, and more specifically, the Academy Awards, has strained our country’s morals, ethics, and fight for racial equality. Malden was among the top 15 most diverse high schools in Massachusetts as reported by boston.com in 2013. Students of Malden High School are not unaccustomed to diversity, but Hollywood...

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    OPINION: The Media’s View of Beauty

    by  • January 24, 2014 • Entertainment, Entertainment Opinions, Homepage, International, National, Opinion, World • 0 Comments

    By ASHLEY LEUNG The media plays a large role in today’s society, especially with the easy accessibility of media with television, the Internet and magazines. These sources of mass media allow people to be able to obtain information easily, along with being connected with others all around the world and having entertainment at the...

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    OPINION: Ctrl-alt-ROCK! The Paradox of Popular Alternative Music and its Tentative Evolution

    by  • December 19, 2013 • Entertainment, Entertainment Opinions, Homepage, Opinion • 0 Comments

    By JAMES MAZARAKIS It was a hot July 20, 2012: a Friday. I was tuned into 101.7 FM, listening to the Cure’s “Let’s Go to Bed” – WFNX’s last-ever musical broadcast. After nearly 30 years, the alternative Boston-based radio station was bought out. It turned into static at exactly seven o’ clock PM, and...

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