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    "I started music when I was three years old but I've never started playing an instrument until I was six. I never realized that music would change my life so much because if I didn't have it now, I don't know how I would go through high school. I wouldn't not have met all of the people in theater and I wouldn't be doing what I am doing now. A lot of the things that have happened to me were because of music. I went to different countries. My motivation with music is being able to become a world changing musician, that similar to what Yo-Yo Ma has done. I want to take interests into different cultures and be able to express emotions and bridge gaps between cultures. That is important because to me community means a lot." #humansofmaldenhigh

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    Sophomore Meghan Yip first joined the Blue and Gold to put her wild imagination and creativity to use. This year she is taking on a new position as a lead photographer for the newspaper. Yip considers herself a lover of the arts and anything art-related. Outside of school, she enjoys listening to Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Bastille, Twenty One Pilots, and Lorde, and sometimes even plays music herself on guitar, piano, and ukulele. She mainly reads young adult contemporary novels and even writes a few stories herself. While doing school work, Yip likes to put on Bob’s Burgers or Parks and Recreation on Netflix in the background. If she sets aside some free time, she watches her favorite movie, Whiplash. She hopes to put her artistic and creative skills to good use in the paper.


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