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    Volleyball coach and gym teacher Mark Gagnon has been passionate about sports his whole life. Born and raised in Malden, Gagnon worked at the YMCA in which he taught swimming lessons as a kid. Gagnon credits his passion for teaching due to his experience at the YMCA as well as being very athletic in school where sports were a creative outlet for him. Surprisingly as a child Gagnon recalls that he was very shy and wished to be either an accountant or gym teacher but he chose to be a gym teacher because he believed that it would be the better option for himself. His experience at the YMCA has helped him “come out of his shell” and has made him a more “outgoing and confident person”.

    New MHS gym teacher  Mark Gagnon. Photo by Ryan Hames.

    New MHS gym teacher Mark Gagnon. Photo by Ryan Hames.

    After he attended Malden High School Gagnon went to Springfield College in which he got his bachelor's degree in science, minored in health and got his masters degree in education at Cambridge College. Originally Gagnon wanted to teach younger children in the elementary levels but as he had been offered a job at Malden High School and he now loves it.

    Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, he was transferred to the Salemwood in which he spent most of his career. Other than teaching at Malden High School and Salemwood, he also has taught at Melrose and Everett. Up until now he has worked at the Salemwood and due to the new job opening at Malden High School, he chose to “try something new”. Now, Gagnon prefers teaching upper classmen due to their “maturity level” and because he finds them to be “less impulsive”. He is excited to start a new chapter of his life at Malden High School.

    Gagnon’s hobbies include playing golf, swimming, traveling, and over the years has learned to enjoy reading as well. He has traveled to Aruba, all the Carribean islands, Canada, Florida and has yet to travel to Europe. He also is a “huge Celtics fan” and enters the biggest fan contest in which he usually “comes in the top 3” states Charle Conefrey, the Athletics Director at Malden High School. Along with being a huge Celtics fan, Charlie Conefrey also states that Gagnon has a “great teaching reputation” as well as “an extensive background in teaching.” Lombardi credits Gagnon’s hiring for his “energetic personality” and believes he will be a “ great addition to the Malden High School staff.”


    Kayla Sousa, a sophomore at Malden High School, is intrigued to start her first year on the Blue and Gold newspaper. Sousa born and raised in Malden, enjoys biking,writing,and reading. Growing up in Malden, Kayla spend her last years at Salemwood. One of her favorite subjects at MHS is Spanish and one of her favorite dishes is Chinese food. Sousa hopes to improve her experience with photography and is excited to meet new people. On her free time, Sousa enjoys reading and writing,but also biking.

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