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    Malden members of the girls hockey team. Photo submitted by the team.

    The girls ice hockey team had a packed season, but most Malden High School students do not know that. The girls ice hockey team has talent and skill, but they fly under the radar compared to the boys ice hockey team.

    The boys ice hockey team’s wins and invitations to go to the rink to watch them play on the MHS morning announcements - but rarely for the girls team. The Blue and Gold has also not covered the girls team with as much attention..

    Like for the boy’s team, Malden High School does not have a girl’s hockey team. Instead the girls that are interest in playing are in cooperation with the Medford High School team.

    Bethan Taddeo is a freshman on the hockey team (varsity), and loves hockey with a passion. This is her interview:

    How has the season went?

    The season had a rough start, but we have started to come back with more goals and wins as the season is coming to an end

    1. What do you love about hockey?

    I love how in hockey your whole body is sweating, but the cold rink air hits your face when you’re skating full speed and cools you down

    2. What made you join?

    My dad played hockey his whole childhood, and is now a fanatic about the sport, as well as coaching. Also, my two older brothers have played since they were little. Being brought up in a hockey family, and spending much of my childhood at my brother’s games influenced my interest in the sport.

    3. What’s it like not playing for Malden?

    I love playing for Medford. I got to meet people that don’t live in Malden, and be immersed in a different city. However, not many people know about girls Medford/Malden hockey.

    4. How does it feel playing on a co-school team, especially in comparison to playing on just a Malden-only team?

    Playing with girls from Medford is an amazing experience. I love the mix of Malden and Medford girls. If I had a bad day dealing with people at school, it’s nice to hear about how a day at Medford High went. On a Malden-only team, I almost feel like I wouldn’t be as welcomed as I am on this team. The medford players and coaches always make sure us Malden girls are included. Whereas on a Malden-only team, if you aren’t friends with the players in school, you might not be welcomed on the team.

    5. Do you feel segregated from Malden High sports teams?

    I feel very segregated from Malden High School sports, as do some of the other Malden girls. This is because no one knows about our team, and the school does not really support or advertise our team the way they do to the basketball team or track team.

    6. How can the girls hockey team become better?

    The girls hockey team can become better by just pushing ourselves and each other, the way any team gets better. Support from both schools would also motivate us to do better.

    The team warming up before the start of the game. Photo submitted by the team.

    7. What are ways to get the girls hockey team more known about at Malden High?

    I feel like at Malden High this Medford team is a secret. To make it more known, the school simply has to care more and advertise it more. Malden girls that are interested in joining next year should be more informed. When I joined this year, I had to get all the information from a sophomore that joined last year. The school did not make any announcements for new players to know about. Next year, Malden High should make sure people know about when tryouts are for people interested.

    8. How do you feel about the team?..

    I love my team. I love the sport. I love the people. Joining this sport was the best thing I could do as a freshman. It has taken up so much of my time in such a good way, and helped me make so many new friends. I just wish Malden High would take our team seriously and support us more.

    9. How did it feel not having the girls hockey team not as acknowledged as the boys around the school?

    Hearing the boys team announced all the time and not the girls felt like a slap in the face. It isn’t fair that their team receives support and recognition and our team gets put down and forgotten. I have been told by multiple people that Medford is a ‘rival’ of Malden High, and we should not be playing for them. When it comes to girls ice hockey, we are a united team.


    Emraude Bonnet, also known as Emma, is a current freshman at Malden High who came from the Linden School. Emraude joined journalism because she wanted to cover sports and because she enjoys journalism. She loves to travel; in fact, she has traveled to Maine, Canada, and Florida. Her favorite sport is soccer, in which she plays as a defender. She took interest in soccer when she was in the sixth grade. In the future, Emraude wants to travel to Barcelona because her favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona. As a profession, her goal is to play on the US Women’s National Soccer Team. Aside from sports, Emma loves to listen to music and watch her favorite TV show, Good Luck Charlie. Her all-time favorite artist is Drake, whom she always listens to. Although she is busy with sports and other daily activities, she still makes time for reading books as well, one of her favorites being Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks.

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