• Wrestling: Season Comes to an End

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    Winter season sports are coming to an end and as it does, athletes have the motivation to try harder and harder as the end is near. Though the wrestling team didn’t have much luck this year and didn’t get as much wins as they would’ve hoped, the team still continues to progress and continues to try to make improvements for the years to come.

    First year wrestling coach Rin Van stated that the season has had its ups and its downs. He will be returning next year to coach for the wrestling team once again. Van says the most memorable meet would have to be the Triton meet.

    Junior Carlos Parada Araujo has been wrestling for two years now and says the season has been “difficult because team is smaller in comparison to last year and [they] have a new coach as well so it’s been kind of hard to get everyone organized. It’s hard to adapt to these changes, but it is important to keep [their] heads held high in order to move on and do [their] best,” Araujo added.

    Araujo has enjoyed the season because he enjoys the sport and is surrounded by good people. The goal for the team is to get everything organized and as an individual for Araujo, it is to “progress and go farther.” Araujo said he will definitely be doing wrestling again next year as it will be his last year to “see how far [he] goes next year and see if it will be his year to go to states.

    Junior Jason Montezuma has been a member of the Malden High School wrestling wrestling for three years. Montezuma said the year “hasn’t been the greatest, but hasn’t been too terrible because [they] still have people that show everyday and work hard which is a good sign for the future.” For next year, Montezuma hopes to accomplish a more “full lineup” and more wins as a team.

    Junior Wisly Pericles, Jr. has had much individual success on the team, having “hit the winning record of 14-6.” His most memorable meet was Lincoln Subaru because he’s wrestled them every time and the opponent he always goes against is a “worthy opponent.”

    Junior Hasnat Moughal felt that the season “has gotten better over time, as people became more committed and showed up more often.” Moughal enjoyed the practices and the meets about this season. He overall became a better wrestler, and was able to cooperate more with his teammates.

    In Sectionals, Araujo and Pericles were able to get 4th place, thus making it to States. They both hope to be able to make it far to make a statement for the MHS program.

    As the wrestling season comes to a close the team hopes to continually progress next year, as well as gain new members.


    Josandy Jeune is a new member journalism. Coming from Ferryway her guidance counselor pushed her to try this class Freshman year. This was due to her talent in English throughout middle school and her love for English class. Jeune has also previously been considering pursuing journalism as a career so this class seemed like an easy fit. Jeune is looking forward to interviewing people and the photography aspect of this class. She’s also excited about writing about sports this year. She has already made the volleyball team and is hoping to make the basketball team. Her hobbies include writing and hanging out with her friends. Currently she is into the show Arrow and she loves the movie Love and Basketball. Her favorite book genre is fiction which makes sense since her favorite book series is Harry Potter. Jeune hopes to stay in the class throughout all of high school and wants to be head of photography in the future.

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