• Boys Lacrosse Profile: Alex Coninck

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    Alex Coninck is a senior player of Malden High School’s boys lacrosse team. Coninck has been on the lacrosse team for three years; one year on junior varsity, and two years on varsity. In total, he has been playing lacrosse for a solid four years.

    The reason why he chose to play lacrosse is because he wanted to learn a new sport. He states that he “like[s] that there are many things you can do to open up the game and that there is always a way for a come back.” Coninck states that his personal goal is to “score more goals than [he has] last year and keep up with the lead goal scorer (Andy Tham).” Fellow teammate Andy Tham says “Alex is a starting attackman and he can definitely put goals in the net.” Tham adds, “last season he was struggling to keep up with [him] but [he doesn’t] think [he] can say the same thing about this season. This one is to be more of a competition.” On his work ethic, Tham says that Coninck’s stick skills and athleticism on the field has “definitely improved.”

    Like every other player in a sport, Coninck has some expectations of how the season will go. However, this season is different than any other season they had, because they are not in the Greater Boston League this year. Coninck expects this season to be different from all. Coninck is going to make sure that the team is “going to practice harder and give it [their] all in every game. If [they] have the mentality that [they] can win, [they] might just have a chance and win more games [than they] have in the past.”

    Coninck says his favorite thing about lacrosse in general, is that he “get[s] to play a fast paced sport, with a team full of great people that care about the game just as much as [he does].”


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