• Class of 2017 Hosts Dodgeball Tournament

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    The class of 2017 hosted a dodgeball tournament on March 2nd, from 3:30-5:30 pm. There were about six teams with ten people on each and around 80-90 spectators. All in all being a “good crowd” states senior Aigula Fitzgerald. “Our senior class [had a dodgeball tournament] two years ago and it had a really good turn out [she] didn’t get to do it that year so [she] signed up this year.” Fitzgerald states about the event.

    Balls lined in the middle of the gym. Photo taken by Falyn Kelley.

    The six teams with ten people on each team arrived to the event with their tickets ready for the excitement to flood throughout Malden High’s gymnasium. All profits being made to help the class of 2017, focusing on the funding of their prom.  

    The general ambience of the game was “relaxed” according to Fitzgerald’s experience.

    Senior class vice president and referee of the game, Jesse Bouley explains the reasoning of the game best, stating “[they] wanted to do something fun and make a little bit of money.”

    Many people that came brought friends to enjoy the game with them as well, adding to the amount of onlookers and people participating in the game. Around eight balls are placed in the middle of the gym floor for both teams to share, or hoard from each other. After you have what you need, in this case being a ball, the goal of the game is to get as many people on the other teamed as possible  tagged with a ball which ends with them being called out of the game.

    People on team reaching for a dodgeball. Photo taken by Falyn Kelley.

    It is confidently said that everyone that attended had fun and the compensation given was greatly appreciated. “[He thinks] it’s a good idea for any class to do” states Bouley.

    [They] weren't expecting many people to come because [they] didn't advertise as much as [they] could have,” says Bouley. This belief causing it to be a pleasant surprise when around 80-90 people showed up to support our seniors while playing and watching their friends “fight for their lives” via the MHS gymnasium.

    All in all, dodgeball has been an overall success for the class of 2017, resulting in a decent amount of money to help support the seniors’ prom. Other events are being planned by Ms.Northrop to help earn some more money to support for their prom.


    Returning member of the Blue and Gold, sophomore Falyn Kelley has returned for her second year as a part of the staff. Kelley expresses great interest in exploring photography and has a position as Lead Photographer for the newspaper this year. She is excited to work on photography both for the paper and for her pleasure. Outside of photography, Kelley also enjoys reading, writing, and walking her dog Cato. Her dog is a bichon and is quite precious to her and she will always protect him. Also special to Kelley is the story Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig due to its ability to capture her attention with a fascinating plot. She even stated that it was impossible for her to put the story down when reading it. Additionally, the TV series Parks and Recreation is on the top of her list of favorite TV shows. The song The Final Countdown by Europe is a song that makes Kelley feel empowered and ready to accomplish a lot.

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