• A History of Indoor Track at MHS

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    The Malden High’s Outdoor Track team has been successful over the past years. The team has made great strides of progress year after year. To the point where they even made states.

    Sophomore Sean Tran running the 100m hurdles. Photo taken by Alysha McDevitt.

    In 2012, many of the indoor track athletes stayed for outdoor track and began conditioning for the upcoming outdoor season. They continued to practice before the season to ensure a successful year.  The girls outdoor track team displayed sportsmanship each practice and took responsibility in trying to meet their goals. Their coach David Londino was determined to make them train harder. All in all they tried really hard to keep their winning streak alive. For the boys outdoor track season they recruited many freshman that year in hopes of keeping the team strong. They also practiced really hard on keeping their consistency and hard work up.

    In 2013, they also had aspiration for states. They opened up the season with a great 111-25 win against Medford. They did have a devastating loss against Cambridge that season but that didn’t bring them down. In fact, it made them come back stronger than ever. The boys outdoor track team dominated in their wins finishing 3-1 in the GBLS. For the girls team the freshman really helped the team propel forward this year. There also was a great energetic vibe all around. They also finished in a impressive 3-1 win.

    The boys' and girls' teams starting the two mile race. Photo taken by Alysha McDevitt.

    The team grew even stronger physically and mentally as a family in 2014. They had impressive wins against Everett and had freshman players make it to states. Runners as well as throwers did successful jobs in their events. Coach Londino was named this year's Division 1 coach of the year, and the team were underdogs no more. They soon were finally able to dominate states as they hoped.

    Last year, the team faced disadvantages due to various meets being cancelled because of the snow. They also had difficulties to find where everyone would fit on the team. Lots of their best runners were getting injured as well. Despite this they continued to persevere. They remained optimistic and still had a large amount of strong runners running. They were all able to work together as a team as well.

    The outdoor track team has had a successful season over the past years, and with the start of a new season they hope to continuously  dominate their meets as well as states.


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