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    On Tuesday March 7th, you might have noticed a man standing outside the cafeterias, next to a bulletin board, talking about going to the woods. If you missed him or didn’t really pay attention, here’s another opportunity for you. Checking out this club could really benefit you and enhance your connection with the real world, considering most teenagers these days are more involved in the digital world.

    The organization Students of the Fells and the Friends of the Fells is a non-profit club that do activities that have to do with the Fells, which is the Middlesex Fells Reservation. The Fells is a beautiful environment filled with all types of plants and animals, and includes things like hiking trails, dog parks, horseback riding areas, fishing, and much more. There is so much to the place and the reason for this organization is so teenagers like Malden High students can enjoy and explore the place while really connecting nature instead of their phones.

    Seniors McKenzie Vo and Duy Nguyen from Malden High participating in a Students of the Fells activity. Photo submitted by the Students of the Fells Organization.

    The Students of the Fells Organization do many things there, from adventure and exploration, natural history/conservation, and recreation/team building. All these things are focused on nature and to help improve teen’s connection with the environment around them for all situations, whether it's for fun or in case they were ever in nature and needed help.

    The organization is mainly stationed at Medford High, because that’s where the club originated from, but has branched out and has made contact with schools like Stoneham High, Malden High, and Melrose High. The man that visited Malden High on Tuesday was promoting their most recent trip - Fauna of the Fells. This trip out to the fells focused on the fauna (the animals) of the Middlesex Fells Reservation. The trip included the observation of the animals, tracking them, stalking them, trap building, and exploring their habitats.

    Not only does the organization explore the Fells, but they also have the opportunity to branch out. In March, the organization did the Fauna of the Fells activity, a Ski Trip, and there is going to be a day of service later this month.. In April, they’ll be back in the Fells working on friction fire and wild foraging and an adventure/exploration type of day. They’ll also have a day where they give service to the park. In May, they’ll have a mountain biking and trail adventure run, and also a canoe trip in the Mystic River.

    If any of these things seem fun to you, you should try out the organization! Even if it doesn’t you should try it out anyways because you never know the connection you have with nature until you go deep into it and explore it. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/findyourfells


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