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    As the wrestling season comes to an end juniors Wisly Pericles Jr. and  Carlos Parada Araujo were able to make it to states. Even though they didn’t place in states it was still a major feat for not only the two wrestlers, but the wrestling team.

    Pericles has been wrestling for three years. He said that he felt “very excited” on being eligible for states. Araujo says it was his first time advancing to states and that it was a very different experience. With this new experience, came anxiety but luckily nothing nerve wracking. Araujo says “States was much more competitive than Sectionals and any other tournament [he] had been to.” 

    Junior Carlos Parado Araujo wrestling against another team member. Photo taken by Josandy Jeune.

    Coach Rin Van believed that “it was inevitable” on Pericles going to states. “He had a good shot at Wakefield against sectional opponents,” Van says. Van admits that he was actually quite surprised when Carlos made it to states. This is because Carlos has only been wrestling for two years and has already “improved in leaps and bounds.”

    Gandy Louisne a junior on the wrestling team finds Pericles going to states “pretty interesting and comforting to say that a teammate went to states and is able to  put the city and themselves on the map.” Louisne also says “[Araujo is] a hard worker and as a captain he put himself at a big stage to represent the school. He met the expectations to succeed.”

    Araujo “wasn't too surprised on Pericles making States.” Pericles had a knee injury going into sectionals, and had sprained his knee during sectionals so it didn't look to good for Pericles. States is super competitive so because of the injury Pericles didn't come out with wins. Araujo also states that Pericles is a strong wrestler. “He can have his moments where he is super aggressive.” Araujo also believes that Pericles can make states again.

    Pericles says Araujo is a “good friend in and out of the wrestling room.” Pericles also believes that Araujo “pushes [him] to pass [his] limits. As a teammate and captain of the team he shows you that he cares.” “[Araujo] was really determined to go to States,” says Pericles and with only two years in experience, making States was shocking.

    All in all, despite the injury Pericles and Araujo were still able to pull through. Even though he didn’t place in states he still put up a great fight. They have improved so much over the year and there is still so much left to learn. In order to get more people to join wrestling next year, it will be by offseason practice and lifting which is key to success.


    Josandy Jeune is a new member journalism. Coming from Ferryway her guidance counselor pushed her to try this class Freshman year. This was due to her talent in English throughout middle school and her love for English class. Jeune has also previously been considering pursuing journalism as a career so this class seemed like an easy fit. Jeune is looking forward to interviewing people and the photography aspect of this class. She’s also excited about writing about sports this year. She has already made the volleyball team and is hoping to make the basketball team. Her hobbies include writing and hanging out with her friends. Currently she is into the show Arrow and she loves the movie Love and Basketball. Her favorite book genre is fiction which makes sense since her favorite book series is Harry Potter. Jeune hopes to stay in the class throughout all of high school and wants to be head of photography in the future.

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