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    On April 3,2017, John Oteri was chosen as the superintendent finalist by the school committee  at the Malden senior center at 6:30 pm. The assembly began with the pledge of allegiance, a moment of silence for those who have served the country and attendance for all the school committee members.

    Mayor Gary Christenson then started the meeting by thanking all 13 candidates that ran for the superintendent position, consisting of the 5 finalists including former principal Mr. Dana Brown, headmaster of Somerville High School John Oteri, East Haven superintendent Portia Bonner, interim superintendent Grandson and Holbrook superintendent Patricia Lally.

    Superintendent assembly closing. Photo by Kayla Sousa.

    After a substantial number of interviews, the finalist was chosen among school chair members John Froio, Leonard Lovino, Jerry Leone, Lawrence Silverman, Michael Drummey, Tara Beardsley, Emmanuel Marsh and Catherine Bordonaro and Mayor Gary Christenson.

    A discussion was soon brought up amongst Tara Beardsley and Catherine Bordonaro on why

    former Malden High School principal Mr. Dana Brown was the better candidate. They claimed that due to his experience in Malden, his innovative way of thinking and his connection with Malden families he was the best candidate running, although it was a very close race and all were worthy of their consideration. Mayor Gary Christenson also spoke in support of Brown.

    Candidate John Oteri, Headmaster of Somerville High School, was then brought up in conversation by Lawrence Silverman who stated that he didn't agree with the Mayor.

    They then cast a vote of whether each chair member wanted John Oteri as superintendent and the vote passed 6 to 3 with Tara Beardsley, Catherine Bordonaro and Major Christenson against the motion and everyone else in accord. The outcome being that John Oteri would be offered  next superintendent if he takes the position.

    After this motion the public and school committee members discussed some programs going on throughout the schools in Malden and the assembly came to a close.

    If John Oteri accepts the position and signs the contract he will be the next superintendent of Malden.



    This year is sophomore Alysha McDevitt’s first year in the Blue and Gold class. English teacher Sean Walsh had suggested that she joined because of her fondness of writing. This past summer McDevitt had travelled to New York City where she pursued her passion for photography in taking many pictures of the city. Along with photography she enjoys listening to music and reading. The Harry Potter series are both her favorite book and movies series. This year McDevitt is looking forward to her English class and what Blue and Gold has to offer.

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