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     Malden High´s National History Club are currently in the process of creating volume 2 of the academic journal titled The Optimist, which will consist of different genres of writings from students such as poetry, art, essays even research papers and lab reports from science. Overall, it´s an opportunity for them to showcase what they felt was their best work from this year. Club advisor Damian Aufiero describe it as a space for students ¨ to showcase a more creative side¨ of them with their best educational writing. For last year´s publication, he along with other students reviewed about 10 to 12 submissions and only about 6 made the publication.

      The inspiration behind creating the journal came from reading the Blue and Gold Magazine on an article about The Oracle, which happened to be another journal that was competing with the other literary society in the school. Many conflicts arise since these societies had different beliefs and there was a rumor of some discrimination against certain groups of people. So, over a course of a semester both the Optimist and Oracle decided to band as one.

      A publication date will be set around May or on Civics day. Along with the holiday, an exhibition that will showcase of student’s work from the Malden Public School districts. This year they are hoping more students will submit their work and for more readers to engaged so the journal can expand more attention. If you know anyone or yourself have an piece of work that you like, you can contact Aufiero through email at daufiero@maldenps.org.


    Neden Bernadin, a Junior at Malden High, is in her third year of the Blue and Gold. This year Bernadin would like to report on local news this year. Bernadin is a very shy and quiet person who likes to stay home and do homework after school. She reads any genre of books and is currently reading “ The Great Gatsby” in English class. She likes to listen to country music but likes any type of music. Bernadin states her favorite class this year is journalism because of how interesting and different it is from other classes she has taken. Her role model is her mom because she is very protective and cares a lot about what she does. Next year Bernadin is visiting family in Haiti and wants to know more about her culture and origin, but her dream vacation is Hawaii. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite place to go is the mall. After high school she would like to go to college but doesn’t know which college to attend or what she would like to major in.

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