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    Film club meets every Thursday to deeply analyze different films and ideas in a different perspective to discuss what the director did and why. In film club, you will learn how simple things like lighting and tone can drastically change a film. The club began in October of 2016, and starting getting a lot more organized towards the end of December.

    Officers, Matheus Pereira, Antonio Tarantino, Edward Murray, and Jacquay Spradley put their shared passion for film together to share their ideas on how a director can change the entire plot of the film with a camera and some lighting. Film club officer, Matheus Pereira, created the club early this year because of his passion for directing and photography and he decided it’d be best to put the two together into an after school activity. “[Pereira] wanted a group of people to make films with and work on stuff that you typically can’t do in a classroom” states Murray. Another goal of the club was to “provide people with an alternative to the class [Media Production] if they don’t have room in their schedule.” Murray states.

    Most of the meetings are filled with an hour long discussion about the different aspects of film, along with discussing future short films and ideas. Members are currently discussing ideas of an upcoming short film in the future. In meetings, they look deeply into scenes in popular films that some of the members enjoy to interpret what the director did and why. These points and strategies are then brought up into later discussions and are added into their own short films.

    Around ten people come into the club each week and have very rare newcomers, most of the members have stuck around since around the time that the club has been made.  

    “We discuss multiple elements of the filmmaking process” states Murray.


    Returning member of the Blue and Gold, sophomore Falyn Kelley has returned for her second year as a part of the staff. Kelley expresses great interest in exploring photography and has a position as Lead Photographer for the newspaper this year. She is excited to work on photography both for the paper and for her pleasure. Outside of photography, Kelley also enjoys reading, writing, and walking her dog Cato. Her dog is a bichon and is quite precious to her and she will always protect him. Also special to Kelley is the story Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig due to its ability to capture her attention with a fascinating plot. She even stated that it was impossible for her to put the story down when reading it. Additionally, the TV series Parks and Recreation is on the top of her list of favorite TV shows. The song The Final Countdown by Europe is a song that makes Kelley feel empowered and ready to accomplish a lot.

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