• Outdoor Track Profile: Batoul and Nour Chouiki

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    Left to Right: Batoul Chouiki and Nour Chouiki. Photo by Josandy Jeune.

    Freshmen Nour and Batoul Chouiki are both members of the varsity outdoor track team. Nour and Batoul both have had a very successful indoor track season and are continuing to prosper in outdoor track as well.


    Nour and her sister, Batoul both participate in the 400 meter dash while Batoul also specializes in the 800 meter. Batoul decided to join track in hopes of getting faster and because she enjoys running. Nour decided to join the sport because she wanted to not only get faster for soccer, but overall be a much faster runner. They both have been running since they were twelve because they play soccer, but just started outdoor track this year. What Nour enjoys about the sport is her team and fellow teammates. Batoul describes that “when [they] win it’s a really great feeling.”

    The twins both have very similar goals this year which include making it to all-states. What motivates both Nour and Batoul to become even better competitors is the competition that they face and when an opponent defeats them; That pushes them to train harder. The twins find their weaknesses to be the nervousness they get before a meet. Nour and Batoul both “really enjoy the competition [and] like to race.” Both twins hope on playing track in college.

    Their coach David Londino finds both Nour and Batoul great competitors that like to chase down their opponents. Londino states that “[they] like to race and that’s a great quality in new runners.” Londino finds the twins weaknesses to be the nervousness they get during meets and races that most freshman get and thinks that’s something they should work on. He finds their strengths to be their competitiveness and combination of endurance and speed.

    Londino mentions that they both bring unique aspects to the team, providing “really great personalities and are nice people that provide strength to the relays, joining some of the upperclassmen and providing state success in the relays.” He states that from the beginning of the season they have gained more confidence in their abilities and the more people they race the more they are able to realize that they are good runners. Batoul has transferred to the 800 meters and has been doing a good job with the half a mile.  

    The twins have had great success as freshmen. They both look forward to the next three years,contributing to the team,and the success they will have as athletes.



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