• Softball Profile: Ashlyn Fitzpatrick

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    Junior Ashlyn Fitzpatrick, who has been apart of the Malden softball team for three years, has been playing softball originally for many years, since she was five years of age. She plays the position of an outfielder. Ashlyn got interested in softball ever since she was a young girl because of her father who got her interested in the sport. She states that her father put her in softball and she has loved the sport ever since that moment.

    Fitzpatrick also states that her personal goal for the season is to win more games throughout the season with her teammates. She also states that she has a team goal. Her team goal is to “get to the state tournaments.” Ashlynn also mentions that the season is off to a great start and is going really well so far. She says, “as the season goes on [they’re] learning to come together as a team more.”

    Fitzpatrick also mentions that her coach has influenced her to become a better softball player. Ashlyn explains how her coach stays positive no matter what which helps her and the team get through the games and “not get down on [themselves].” Overall, she explains how her coach has impacted her in a positive way. She also mentions how her softball teammates have helped her build relationships with others. Ashlyn says that “[they] support each other throughout the games.”

    Fitzpatrick also included that her father has motivated her to become a better softball player. She explains that her father has been coaching her for a very long time and also, that he supports her throughout the games.

    She says that this season is different from last season because the team has new coaches and the style of coaching has been different and changed from last season. Overall, Fitzpatrick is very excited and looking forward to winning more games with her teammates.


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