The End of the 2019-2020 School Year

Needless to say, the 2019-2020 school year came to an unexpected abrupt end. Historical change has been happening everywhere everyday. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Blue and Gold had to adapt to a new way of communicating and reporting in order to continue to contribute information and stories for our community. 

With all the current events that circulate the media world, this is the most important time for students to step up and use their voices. The Blue and Gold is proud to be a platform for our  reporters to be able to not only report on these issues, but also allow students to express and vocalize their opinions to an audience. 

We are deeply saddened that we were unable to complete our final print editions, especially our most important issue of the year, the Graduation Edition, which would have included stories about Senior Awards Night, the NHS Induction Ceremony, Mr. MHS, Prom, and other events that are considered highlights of the school year. 

Despite the difficulty of reporting on local stories and events, we’ve reached the end of the school year. The obstacles we have endured during this time out of school, such as the struggle of conducting interviews, lack of local events, and cancelled high school sports seasons, have made our unique end of year experience so rewarding. 

During this summer the students of Malden Public Schools anticipate numerous changes, as the 2020-2021 school year will include many COVID-19 safety precautions upon our return. We hope that as these plans are finalized we will be able to cover them to ensure that everyone is informed. 

Have a great summer!


Sandra Rivadeneira, Co-Head of Sport News 

Julie Yu, Co-Head of Local News

Julie Yu

Julie Yu is a junior at Malden High School, and has been a part of the Blue and Gold since her freshman year. As she spoke about the Journalism class, she described it as an “amazing experience” because she is surrounded by “beautiful people who are sweet, understanding of [their] peers, and of situations [they] may be faced with.” Yu spoke about how she admires that Journalism “does not embody the traditional essay or assignment from an english class,” but instead allows writers to be creative and write about a topic they enjoy. However, as a junior, the stress and responsibilities of becoming a senior are on the horizon. When asked about what she was most afraid of once she becomes a senior next year, she responded with “Print.” She is worried by the small amount of seniors there will be next year on the Print team to help out with such a big task but even with her worries, she is reassured by the amazing friends and relationships she has built throughout the years.

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