• Getting Crafty at the Malden Public Library

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    On November 4th, the library hosted a young adult arts and crafts event. This event focused on perler art. Perler art is created by putting perler beads on plastic pegboards in an arranged pattern and then fusing them together using a clothing iron.

    Patrick Brennan, the information librarian, ran this event. Brennan is always the host of these events because apart from being the information librarian he is also the young adult programmer so he has to coordinate these events.

    Materials set out for the event. Photo by Ailin Toro.

    Materials set out for the event. Photo by Ailin Toro.

    When asked why the library decided to have this event he said that the library always does “a bunch of arts and crafts events  with different focuses each time.” Some of the past event have been on making jewelry, origami. Brennan adds that this one was chosen because people can use it as a “creative outlet where you can make anything and it doesn’t even take long.” He also mentions that after spending the amount on the original materials, you have enough for many events focused just on this.

    Brennan mentions that this same event over the summer had a high turnout and there were requests for him to have another one. Despite this there was a low turnout at the library but Brennan acknowledges that it could be due to the bad weather.

    If you are interested in going to any upcoming events at the library you can go here to find out when they are.


    Junior, Ailin Toro is a returning member to the Blue and Gold and is the head of local. Her favorite subject is English because she has an interest in writing. Her favorite T.V. shows are Big Brother and Parks and Recreation. Toro also enjoys listening to music. Her favorite artist is Dua Lipa and her favorite song from her is “Genesis”. She enjoys to read young adult books and memoirs. She was born in Colombia and moved here when she was six years old. She is close with her family, and has a younger sister, who is in middle-school, and a brother who is three months old. Ailin also has a job working at the movie theater in Revere and would describe herself as quiet and hardworking. She is looking forward to being a leader in the class and helping the new members of the class become better at writing in a journalism format.

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