• Gymnastics: Start of the Season

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    With the new season just beginning, the gymnastics team really seem eager to start off the new year. The team is excited to be starting off the season with new equipment and more space to be working with.

    Melissa Macey is the new gymnastics coach and also an english teacher here at MHS. Macey explained that she thinks this season is so far going “really well.” [She] added that “The kids are learning skills really quickly and are all willing to try new things.” Macey is generally excited for this season, seeing how this is her first year as a coach and did gymnastics for fourteen year's growing up. Macey is excited to see the skills and abilities they have, seeing how well the students are adjusting to their routines, competing, and to “really get there feet wet.”

    The team’s strength is how confident the students are and how they collaborate with one another. However, the team consists many new athletes that have joined this year and aren’t experienced in the sport. When asked what influenced her to be a gymnastics coach, Macey responded by saying that “was hard to turn down the opportunity when it was presented to her.”

    Gymnastics Team Stretching Together. Photo by Josandy Jeune

    Ereeka Metellus, a senior here at Malden High and has been doing gymnastics since her freshmen year in high school.  Metellus says the goal for this season is to “Progress from last year and learn something new.” Metellus says “[she is] also excited to be competing this year, especially because it is her last year.”

    Gigi Lantiani, a junior at MHS has been doing tumbling, which is a form of gymnastics since she was two years old but has been doing actual gymnastics for three years. Lantiani believes this season is going to be successful due to all the new equipment and also because ‘[they] have new coaches too which is really good” As a goal for the season Lantini stated that “it’s all about teamwork and how the team interacts with each other and not about whether or not [they] win or lose as long as [you’re] trying [you’re] hardest. Lantiani is excited to be using the new floors and seeing some improvements from last season.


    Josandy Jeune is a new member journalism. Coming from Ferryway her guidance counselor pushed her to try this class Freshman year. This was due to her talent in English throughout middle school and her love for English class. Jeune has also previously been considering pursuing journalism as a career so this class seemed like an easy fit. Jeune is looking forward to interviewing people and the photography aspect of this class. She’s also excited about writing about sports this year. She has already made the volleyball team and is hoping to make the basketball team. Her hobbies include writing and hanging out with her friends. Currently she is into the show Arrow and she loves the movie Love and Basketball. Her favorite book genre is fiction which makes sense since her favorite book series is Harry Potter. Jeune hopes to stay in the class throughout all of high school and wants to be head of photography in the future.

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