Tis the season… track season. Athletes on the indoor track team have begun the season, ready to give it their all for the last GBL year.

During week one of indoor track, contributors, returning and new, are looking at which events their natural abilities suit best; hurdles, 300 meter, 600 meter, 1000 meter, 2 mile, shot put, 4x400 relay, and high jump.“Events the whole team has to do is 50 meter, 50 meter hurdles, 300, 600,and 1000 meter, and then 2 mile” freshman Ezra Kruckenberg states.

Coach Londino states that this year’s recruits “meet athletes in every event that [they] are gifted”. So far, practice consisted of trail runs and a mock meet, and new runners who joined hold much promise. “We have a lot of young talent this year,” says senior Lisa Ringdahl who often does the 600, “So many freshmen and sophomores came out from the soccer teams and other sports and have a raw natural ability.” These athletes can only improve, and likely become a key part of the team.

Londino is excited because this season marks the last GBL, and the team needs to go out with a bang. “[There are] people who can walk on and have an immediate varsity impact,” he states. He believes that “there is a good chance that new runners can make it to the All States competition”.

Thus far, things are looking up. According to Londino, one thing that stands out about this year is that “[the athletes] seem to be really focused and disciplined, and that willingness to work hard is what’s most important. Last year, the seniors took some of the most crucial people on the team”. For this reason, Londino has been recruiting students to come and join the team, looking for not only athleticism, but also a mindset to work hard. He believes that “working hard in addition to ability is the key to winning”.

Everyone’s out to win, win, win! Hopefully with the right set of workouts and careful placement, the team will not only win the GBL Title, but also have individual wins as well. Ringdahl states that “one of the keys to winning, especially in track, is to give it everything you can because it is such a mental sport, the best possible thing is to just be fearless, though it's always good to be a little scared before a meet.”

Track really isn’t much like other sports. Senior Marisa Vasquez, a distance runner, is a firm believer that “[the track team] holds a bond that some other sports might not be able to maintain, especially when the amount of athletes is large. Despite the fact that [they] a huge team, [they] still cheer on each other”. Although there might be separate training and sub-grouping based on an event, everyone still sticks together. Ringdahl, who did cheerleading in the past states, “the vibe is so different. Track is just one of those sports that are so mentally demanding that the team takes it really seriously, and supports you. It’s a lot of hard work, and a lot of pushing yourself.”

Coaches are looking forward to seeing their athletes raise the bar from last year. With hard work and the amount of talent in their crop, runners, jumpers, and throwers, of all shapes, sizes and ability are easing into the season.

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