• Boys Basketball Profile: Robens Garcia

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    Sophomore Robens Garcia is no stranger to the Malden High School Golden Tornadoes basketball team. Having been playing Basketball for only four years, point guard Garcia is enjoying his first year on the varsity team. Garcia has already become accustomed with basketball by playing on both the junior varsity and freshmen teams as a freshmen.

    As expectations by coach Don Nally were high on the newcomers, Garcia has been able play as a starter on last couple of the games of the season by impressing the coach with his outstanding skills and performance. When asked about the team qualifying for the State tournament, Garcia explained that “[the team] did a great job grinding and working together” in order to qualify.

    So far, the team has 10 wins, but not without accumulating four close losses on the way as well. Garcia explained that “losing some games with extremely close margins has allowed the [team] to learn a lot.” Gracia also mentioned that his least favorite game of the season was the 72-71 loss to the Revere High School Patriots because of the close manner in which they lost, with team losing by a point in a heated overtime game, having scored a buzzer-beater to send it to overtime. He continued to say that, “the [team] needs to work on [their]communication” in order to execute in crunch time.

    While explaining about his first year experience on the varsity team, Garcia mentioned that, “[he has done] way better than the previous year.” Garcia added that “his performance and energy has been improved tremendously this year”, due to playing on the varsity team.  

    Senior captain, Bernard Taylor had a lot to say about his fellow teammate Garcia. Taylor mentioned that he is “proud of the Garcia’s performance, especially with him being sophomore.” He continued to say that, “Garcia brings energy and has shown [the team] what he [is] capable of.” Taylor also added that “other teammates appreciate Garcia’s hard work during the games, as well as in practices.”

    Fellow newcomer to the team this season, junior center Malik Besset also praised his teammate Garcia. He mentioned that Garcia has a “good relationship” with him and other teammates and expanded that “[they] are all brothers.”  

    Besides basketball, Garcia explained that he use to play soccer, however due to his genuine enthusiasm and growing love for basketball, he was not being able to give soccer as much time as he use to. When asked about his style and attitude as a player, Garcia explained when not in the game how he’s the first one on the bench cheering for his teammates and giving words of encouragement.


    Having been in America for only 15 months, Subin Bastola is a senior at Malden High who took interest in The Blue and Gold considering his passion for writing, adapting new dexterity, and reading the news itself. Bastola’s interests include activities such as playing and watching soccer, reading books, listening to music, and watching movies, like his favorite: Groundhog Day. Bastola was born in and came from Nepal, where as his father lived in America for seven years. Back in Nepal “things are very different” Bastola says. Instead of students moving from class to class like they do at Malden High, they stay seating while the teachers transfer. “Exams are a lot harder,” announces Bastola. They also have no lockers, so carrying eight books around is a hustle. Bastola learned to speak English in Nepal, where he wrote poems and acclimated the ways and fundamentals of writing. With regulations such as restrictions to growing long hair and having a dress code, Bastola has gotten accustomed to the new school system. Although Bastola doesn’t know that many people in the Blue and Gold yet, he is looking forward to integrating and making new friends in his graduating year at Malden High.

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