• Hockey: Season Comes to an End

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    With the season quickly coming to an end, Malden High's hockey team continues to give it their all in every game.

    Senior James Pandolfo explained that “[the season has] gone pretty well. [The team is] 6-9-1 right now so [they] need 7 points in [their] final 4 games to qualify for the state tournament.” This season, Pandolfo set himself a goal to become the team's new captain, which he proudly achieved and put all of his focus on “[being] a leader and [setting] good examples for all [of his] teammates on and off the ice.”

    Junior Michael Giordano skating down the rink with the puck. Photo taken by Ryan Hames.

    February 24th marks the day of the last game of the season. This highly anticipated match has been creating excitement that floods the team. Luckily for the team, nervousness is a rarity. Enthusiasm is more commonly spread amongst teammates making the games and practices a place of positivity.

    Pandolfo stressed that the key to success is “playing together and sticking to [their] systems.” A successful game is produced by teamwork and positivity during practices and on the ice. According to Pandolfo, during this season, one of the team’s major improvements was “learning how to play together and put the team first.”

    Junior Michael Goroshko skating down the rink with the puck. Photo taken by Ryan Hames.

    With the goal in mind to be qualifying for the state tournament, like the team did last year, the team remains determined and confident for whatever is thrown their way.

    Sophomore Zachary Rufo claimed that what makes this year’s hockey team special is “[the] many leaders. “Everyone wanted [to win] as bad as the next person, and everyone played like it was the last game of the season [in every game].”

    Pandolfo also mentioned that “[the team was] able to come back this season, and despite losing a lot of talent and leadership from last season's seniors, [there were] players [who stepped] up into new roles and [got] out of their comfort zone in order to help the team succeed.”

    With an abundance of games that were just as interesting as the last and just as fun as the next, Pandolfo stated that “the most interesting [game] was the early season game against Everett. It was back and forth during the whole game and [the team] ended up winning with a goal in the last 20 seconds of the game.” Throughout all the excitement running through the team this season, the last game is coming closer, leaving a “bittersweet” feeling, according to Pandolfo.

    The Senior Night game was held on Saturday, February 11th but unfortunately ended with the team losing 5-4 against a Saugus team. “Every single player on our team fought hard until the end and left it all on the ice for the seniors” stated Pandolfo.

    Don’t forget to support the team by going to this season’s last game, Friday February 24th at 4:30 at Cronin Rink in Revere.


    Returning member of the Blue and Gold, sophomore Falyn Kelley has returned for her second year as a part of the staff. Kelley expresses great interest in exploring photography and has a position as Lead Photographer for the newspaper this year. She is excited to work on photography both for the paper and for her pleasure. Outside of photography, Kelley also enjoys reading, writing, and walking her dog Cato. Her dog is a bichon and is quite precious to her and she will always protect him. Also special to Kelley is the story Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig due to its ability to capture her attention with a fascinating plot. She even stated that it was impossible for her to put the story down when reading it. Additionally, the TV series Parks and Recreation is on the top of her list of favorite TV shows. The song The Final Countdown by Europe is a song that makes Kelley feel empowered and ready to accomplish a lot.

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