• Boys Tennis Profile: Thomas Tran

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    Sophomore Thomas Tran is no stranger to Malden High School boys tennis team. Having played tennis since his childhood, Tran possesses experience that is vital to the tram. This is why Tran choose to play tennis is enjoying his first year on varsity team, after playing on the junior varsity team in his freshman year.

    The team ended its season last year with an overall record of 7-8 failing to made to the playoffs. This year they are hoping to improve upon last year and continue to grow as tennis players. However doing this will be difficult as explained by Tran who mention that, “the team has lost all of the key senior players from last year.” and that the team is “completely new this year with only three returning player.”

    When asked about what inspired Tran to play tennis he ascribed it to his “father and watching professional tennis.” He explained that his favorite professional tennis player is Rafael Nadal who he is fascinated by because of his “stamina and consistent play.”

    Sophomore Luis Gilbert had a lot to say about his fellow teammate Tran. Gilbert mention that, “Tran is very good and skillful player who is always calm.” He added, “although [they] have been friends for long time, [they] only started playing tennis together their freshmen year.” He described, “the year of playing tennis with him has been fabulous.” Gilbert did not stop there, he mentioned that, he also “[respects] the supportive and helpful nature” of Tran.

    Tran describe himself as “offensive player who is always looking to attack.” Although, he did mention his hope to “be more consistent” with his play.

    When asked about what he want to improve this season, he mentioned that “personally [he] is working to improve [his] serving skills so that [he avoids] fouls more often.” As a team, Tran wants to “help [his] new teammates become accustomed with tennis.” Compared to the last year, Tran stated that his, “serve and forehand slice are [his] most improved shot.”

    Outside of the tennis, Tran very much also enjoys playing soccer and ping pong. In fact, he is a member of the MHS soccer team and plays ping pong regularly.  


    Having been in America for only 15 months, Subin Bastola is a senior at Malden High who took interest in The Blue and Gold considering his passion for writing, adapting new dexterity, and reading the news itself. Bastola’s interests include activities such as playing and watching soccer, reading books, listening to music, and watching movies, like his favorite: Groundhog Day. Bastola was born in and came from Nepal, where as his father lived in America for seven years. Back in Nepal “things are very different” Bastola says. Instead of students moving from class to class like they do at Malden High, they stay seating while the teachers transfer. “Exams are a lot harder,” announces Bastola. They also have no lockers, so carrying eight books around is a hustle. Bastola learned to speak English in Nepal, where he wrote poems and acclimated the ways and fundamentals of writing. With regulations such as restrictions to growing long hair and having a dress code, Bastola has gotten accustomed to the new school system. Although Bastola doesn’t know that many people in the Blue and Gold yet, he is looking forward to integrating and making new friends in his graduating year at Malden High.

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