Dear Nedlam,

It’s nearing the end of the year and a lot of my friends are seniors so they will be graduating soon. They all matter a lot to me and I’m scared that we’ll fall out of touch or that we’ll stop talking to each other. Any ideas on how to keep that from happening?


Worried Underclassman


Dear Worried Underclassman,

I think it’s awesome that you care so much about your friends and that you're committed to being their friend for a long time. For starters, I think you first have to realize that things will be different but just because things will change, it doesn’t mean that things will change in a bad way. As connected as I hope you stay will all of your graduating friends, don’t let that limit you from being friends with those still around you and don’t let missing people spoil all the amazing moments you’re going to keep having.

However, I think it’s vital that if you want to stay connected, to make a commitment to do so. Since you’re already friends with these people I’m assuming you have ways to contact them, but you might not always think about when you do so. What I mean is, depending on where your friends go to school, you guys might not see each other as often as you’d like, so make sure to try and set up times where the both of you can talk at the same time. I know some people aren’t huge fans of talking on the phone, but talking on the phone is a lot more personal than just texting. Facetiming too is great and forces the both of you to be online at the same time when talking to each other.

Another way to keep in touch, that I know not a lot of people are fans of either, is mail. Like sending letters or packages to your friends at college. I’m not saying this is a must, but sometimes it’s really meaningful to receive something in the mail from someone, especially if it’s a letter because you know they took the time to sit down and write it for you.

I also recommend spending time together when you can, I know that some people might be farther away than others and that both of you will probably be leading busy lives, but nothing beats spending time in person. If you want them to stay part of your life then it’s your job to let them know that and you just need to keep being the great friend you’ve always been for them.

I don’t know where people’s lives will lead them, but if you want to stay connected to someone, and they care about you, then I know that no matter what you’ll always find a way to be part of each other's lives. Hope this helps 🙂

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