• History of Lacrosse at MHS

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    Although lacrosse is not the most popular of sports in American culture, it is regularly played in high schools around the country. Malden High School is home to two lacrosse teams, one for the girls and one for the boys. With a brand new season approaching for the boys lacrosse team, it is important to know how Malden High’s boys lacrosse team grew to this point, starting with the seasons with a few years back.

    The boys lacrosse team during a huddle. Photo by Abhishek Rana.

    The start of the Boys Lacrosse team is inspiring to some. They started as a club in 2006, and was started by Malden High’s then athletic director Mike Dube, and was coached by John Parcellin and David DePlacido. The few members of the club worked hard to achieve their main goal, which was becoming a team for MHS, and they succeeded.

    In 2013, seven years after the team was first established, they ended a season better than prior years, with a record of 3-11. The team was lead by MHS teacher and coach Brendan Maney with captains Paul Kiernan and Cruz Desrochers. The highlights of the season was their first two wins. Their first win was against Winthrop, with a score of 11-8. Their second win was against Revere, winning the game with a score of 8-7, in an overtime game.

    In 2014, the Boys Lacrosse team experienced a rough season, ending the season with a final record of 1-10. The coach that season was head coach Maney, alongside assistant coaches MHS history teacher Jonathan Copithorne and MHS English teacher Jeremiah Smith. The captains were Devin Fitzpatrick and Dirir Mohammad. The highlight of the season was their only win, which was their win against Lynn Classical, which they won with a score of 8-7.

    Sophmore Zachary Rufo looking to pass the ball. Photo by Abhishek Rana.

    In 2015, the team started getting into their groove, having improved upon the previous year’s record, ending the year 5-11. Coached again by Maney, the leaders of the team were captains Isaac Bethea and Sam Wong. Their highlights was definitely not just their wins, but a particular game against Revere that went into overtime, where they won with a final score 11-10.

    Last year, led by longtime coach Maney again, the team ended their season with a total of three wins and fifteen losses. The captains were Andy Tham and Marino Dipietrantonio. The highlights of their season were their three wins, one against Lynn Classical, with a score of 10-8, their second win in a game against Everett, winning by 6-5, and their last one, which was also against Everett, by a score of 7-4.

    Fast forward to 2017, the Boys Lacrosse team promises to go on strong and try to win many games as possible with returning senior captain Andy Tham and new senior captain Steven Sexton to lead the team.


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