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    The Pop Culture Club is a student run club which focuses on entertainment throughout the world. Every Thursday after school, the club watches movies and participate in student run discussions.

    From left to right freshmen Rodge Neima Joseph, Sabrina Monteiro, Julian Munoz, Thao- Mi Nguyen bottom left to right Lana Giha, Bernice Cortez, Ruth Perez. Photo by Josandy Jeune.

    The club was founded by the president and co president freshman Rodge Neima Joseph and freshman Lana Giha. The advisor of the club is Jessica Sullivan, a science teacher at Malden High School. Sullivan decided to advise the club because she wanted to get involved as a new teacher to the school. She thought it would be fun to help run the club since she knew the students very well. Sullivan stated that the club members “mostly have been planning what the club is supposed to be like since they have just started.” From her understanding, she explains that the club members wanted this club to be more relaxed from the other clubs at the school. The members of the club wanted a place where they could break away from the more serious clubs and commitments. Other clubs were more serious with their goals and they just wanted to be more laid back.

    The president of the club Neima Joseph decided to start the club because she wanted to begin a club that is different from others that are around the school. Neima Joseph wanted a place where students can come and talk about anything going on in the world. So far Neima Joseph stated that “[they] have mostly planned on watching movies.” What she enjoys about the club is that it is a safe space where the club members can feel comfortable around each other. Neima Joseph likes how “it’s not awkward at all.” and encourages people to join the club.

    Giha decided to participate in this club because she wanted to talk about what was going on in the world as well as ‘teen things’ like celebrities. She enjoys that this club enables them to have group discussions and watch movies while gathered in all one space. Freshman Thao-Mi Nguyen is a fellow member of the club who decided to join because she needed something to do after school. Nguyen enjoys this club because she likes how the club members will get to watch movies and have fun together. The Pop Culture Club is soon to be hosting a movie night this Thursday April 13th where they will be watching the movie ‘10 Things I Hate About You.’

    Vice president of the club is freshman and Blue and Gold member Sabrina Monteiro.. Neima Joseph came to Monteiro with the idea of the club and influenced her to join. Since then, Monteiro has really enjoyed the club. Monteiro as well as Neima Joseph finds this club to be a very comfortable place where they can bond over movies they like and other things they have in common. Monteiro also hopes to get more boys to join since so far only there has only been girls coming.

    The Pop Culture Club is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. It’s a club that isn’t a big commitment, but is also very fun. To join, swing by Ms. Sullivan’s room in B435 on Thursdays after school.


    Josandy Jeune is a new member journalism. Coming from Ferryway her guidance counselor pushed her to try this class Freshman year. This was due to her talent in English throughout middle school and her love for English class. Jeune has also previously been considering pursuing journalism as a career so this class seemed like an easy fit. Jeune is looking forward to interviewing people and the photography aspect of this class. She’s also excited about writing about sports this year. She has already made the volleyball team and is hoping to make the basketball team. Her hobbies include writing and hanging out with her friends. Currently she is into the show Arrow and she loves the movie Love and Basketball. Her favorite book genre is fiction which makes sense since her favorite book series is Harry Potter. Jeune hopes to stay in the class throughout all of high school and wants to be head of photography in the future.

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