• Boys Tennis: Season Ender

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    A season full of obstacles and challenges has come to an end for Malden High’s boys tennis team.

    Last Season, the team finished with an overall record of 7-8, falling just short of making the playoffs. This season, the team was coached by Malden High gym teacher Mark Gagnon and captained by Junior Victor Teague. Despite losing a majority of key from last year to graduation, the team had a successful season given the circumstances, even though they unfortunately failed to qualify for the postseason.

    Teague was “scared” after last year thinking that MHS was “not going to have tennis season this year since a majority of players graduated last year.” However,“[he] was very happy that they were able to have a neat season. Coach Gagnon thought “[it was] going to be challenging to have a lot of new players” but most of the player were able to compete as per his expectation.

    The Tornadoes started their season playing against the Lynn Bulldogs at Lynn English High School on April 10th.  Despite the boy's conscientious work, unfortunately, the team lost their first few games in heartbreakingly close manners. The Tornadoes were also challenged by some stormy weather which resulted in the team being forced to reschedule their game against the Medford Mustangs and the Everett Crimson Tide.

    Sophomore Luis Gilbert waiting for the ball to drive a flat backhand shot towards opponent. Photo by Subin Bastola.

    Looking to redeem themselves after a tough losing streak, the boys played the Triton Hawks on Thursday, May 4th. The team’s hard work got them on the right direction this time as the boys were able to celebrate their first win of the season. One of only the three returning players to the team this year, sophomore Luis Gilbert mentioned that the victory against triton hawks was the “most exciting game” in the season.  He continued to say, the win against the Hawks was the “most rewarding win as the team has been working really hard.”  He elaborated that he was “very proud of himself and his fellow teammates.”

    After challenging losses against Gloucester, Winthrop, Beverly, and Danvers, once again the Tornadoes were able to defeat the visiting Triton Hawks on Tuesday, May 15 at Amerige Park. The team had a competitive face off against Hawks as they won two of their three scheduled singles.

    Despite losing most of their close games in the season, players were able to identify their weakness as well as recognize their strengths and pride themselves in it. Captain Teague explained that his first serve is now “excellent”, and is a strength of his game that he had improved this season.

    Overall, with mostly a young core of players, the team hopes to continue to improve along with experience and hopes that this season was stepping stone in the right direction for seasons to come.


    Having been in America for only 15 months, Subin Bastola is a senior at Malden High who took interest in The Blue and Gold considering his passion for writing, adapting new dexterity, and reading the news itself. Bastola’s interests include activities such as playing and watching soccer, reading books, listening to music, and watching movies, like his favorite: Groundhog Day. Bastola was born in and came from Nepal, where as his father lived in America for seven years. Back in Nepal “things are very different” Bastola says. Instead of students moving from class to class like they do at Malden High, they stay seating while the teachers transfer. “Exams are a lot harder,” announces Bastola. They also have no lockers, so carrying eight books around is a hustle. Bastola learned to speak English in Nepal, where he wrote poems and acclimated the ways and fundamentals of writing. With regulations such as restrictions to growing long hair and having a dress code, Bastola has gotten accustomed to the new school system. Although Bastola doesn’t know that many people in the Blue and Gold yet, he is looking forward to integrating and making new friends in his graduating year at Malden High.

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