Fashion Tips


Malden High School is an incredibly diverse school. It is one of the most diverse schools in Massachusetts, which comes with many different cultures and religions. Different cultures can also mean different taste in style. Everyone has their own unique way of expressing their inner beauty, whether that is wearing something to represent your culture/religion like a hijab, or to wear a hat backwards because you find it cool.

These are some tips/suggestions that I believe will help you get back into style. However these aren’t meant for anyone to take offense to because I don’t want to make anyone self-conscious or to feel the need to be like everyone else.

#1: Let’s just make one thing clear. You can put a hat on the right way or backwards and it will still look good, but to wear a hat on the side is a don’t! It’s not attractive to me and I will never like it.                                

#2: Now let’s go on to clothing! Starting with color scheme. Wearing mismatched clothing is not cute and neither is wearing the same color in just one outfit! Unless you’re going to an event where you are all purposely supposed to wear that type of clothing, then I would suggest that you do not do that. These are my biggest nightmares! I don’t understand how people wear different pattern clothing all in one outfit!                   

#3: Next, seasonal clothing is definitely a do! Color coding your clothing with the weather is definitely a good look. For example during winter wearing dark colors is so stylish, and so is wearing bright colors in the summer!                                     

#4: Having your pants sag is definitely a don’t. Guys find it so cool to have their pants sagging all the way down to their feet. This is unacceptable! If anything it’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. If girls can’t wear shorts or tank tops to school, then why should guys be allowed to have their pants sagging down showing their boxers? A fix for this can be easily dealt with by putting a belt on.                      

#5: The color pink is not only for women! Pink looks good on both women and men.

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