• MHS Hosts Multicultural Celebrtation

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    From left to right Christian Turcios,Isabelle Maraschi,Cedrina Missamou,and Thao-Mi Nguyen. Photo submitted by Yahaira Marquez.

    On May 19, 2017, the Multicultural Club hosted the Multicultural Celebration in which many students and faculty came to enjoy foods from other countries as well as traditional dances, henna and music for seven dollars in advance or 10 dollars at the door. Overall the event was a huge success in which many attended.

    Yahaira Marquez, advisor of the Multicultural Club for 6 years, stated that a group of eight students came up to her six years ago knowing about Marquez’s passion for the diversity in the school stating that they wanted to do something about it and came up with the idea together. She stated that the event was “essentially a way of bringing everybody together to learn about and teach others about their cultures”. She overall highlighted the importance of “recogniz[ing] the differences in one another and celebrat[ing] those differences”.

    Senior Bethlehem Sisay, Multicultural Club member since last year, stated that based on past experience this year would be even bigger and better as they had donations from many sponsors including restaurants and had many performances. Overall she stated the atmosphere was very positive and diverse and well as welcoming and was overall a very “eye opening experience”. Sisay stated that it is truly a great opportunity to “get a feel of different cultures” and have an event that embraces all different cultures”. Sisay stated that all the efforts put in were worth it as they had some problems with finding performers, donations, people to bring food and buy tickets but overall the event came together.

    Junior Arsema Paulos, Multicultural Club member, stated that she decided to join the event as she thought it was a great opportunity to represent her Ethiopian culture as well as believing it was a “great opportunity to step up and be a leader”.

    Junior Samrawit Eshetu, another Multicultural Club member, stated that it was a great event “that [was] [open] to cultural acceptance” and that cast light on the “importance to respect other people and learn about their cultures”. She also said that it was great to see people enjoying food and experience culture that friends have been exposed to their whole lives with an event with such a welcoming atmosphere. Eshetu believed that what made this event different from all others was the fact that this event was “very reliant on Malden High and whether they decide to show their culture to others” but overall was just a great opportunity to “immerse yourself in other cultures and learn about each other in greater depth than before”.

    Nidale Zouhir representing the American Association for Arab Women. Photo submitted by Yahaira Marquez.

    Junior Coralie Deus, Multicultural Club member, is in accord with Eshetu. Deus stated that it was one of the few events that “celebrated different cultures and embrace them”. Deus added on stating that she has learned how important it is to be inclusive to different cultures around the world and within our school”. She believed that the primary message of the club is to be aware of other traditions that are present in the community and acknowledge the diversity.

    The first place winner for the best dish was Weds Jean Louis for his Haitian dish of macaroni gratine and poule and second place winner Audrey Goon for her Chinese sticky rice dish. Overall members are extremely proud of themselves for the events success and the spectacular dishes that were brought in by attendees.

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