MHS Swim Team Claims Co-GBL Title

By EMMA CEPLINSKAS It was a bitter loss to Cambridge on Jan. 16, 2013 for the Malden High School swim team, putting a damper on their undefeated streak. However, their attempts towards success were not in vain because in the defeat, there were still “phenomenal efforts” from the team and “freshmen crew,” inputs head coach Paul DeVincentis. The team will no longer solely hold the title as the Greater Boston League champions, but they will be co-champions alongside Cambridge.

Among the “crew” includes freshmen Samantha Forestier, Alex Lombardi, Ryan Luu and Blue and Gold member Lucia Quesada Nylen. Forestier excelled in the 200-yard individual medley, Lombardi left Cambridge stranded at the back of the pack during the 100-yard freestyle, Luu propelled forward during the 100-yard breaststroke and Quesada Nylen was a torpedo in the 500-yard freestyle, chasing her prey up and down the lanes. “The team did not lose because of a lack of focus or because of pressure. The home court advantage was a little too much to overcome and Cambridge was just a better team that day,” states DeVincentis.

DeVincentis adds the team will currently be focusing on upcoming meets along with the state and sectional competitions. There is an astounding number of qualifiers for the competitions; 15 total, which is the largest number of qualifiers in MHS history. There were outstanding races by MHS’ swimmers, and “when you lose giving 100 percent, you cannot be upset,” DeVincentis concluded.

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