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By JULIE LAM Finishing last season as the Greater Boston League champions, the MHS gymnastics team is back and ready to keep their title. With the winter season progressing, the MHS gymnastic team is training for their regular season. The gymnastic team consists of ten dedicated gymnasts, mainly of underclassmen. So far, the MHS gymnastics team has a record of 0-1. Captains junior Justine Rose and senior Andrew Phu hope to lead the team into a successful season. From uneven bars to the vault, the blooming gymnasts train to the best of their ability for their upcoming meets. Third grade structured English immersion teacher at the Salemwood school and head coach Vanessa James hopes to train these young gymnasts in becoming as strong as teams in previous years. James has been in the gymnastics world since she was about 5 years old and has been the head coach at MHS for two years. Coach James expresses, “my expectations are that that new members on the team work just as hard as our team did last year. I want them to live up to our title as GBL Champions through sportsmanship and character at our competitions, not just in skill and performance.” Although it is clear that Coach James demands high expectations for her team, she believes they have great potential in maintaining their GBL title this year. The sport of gymnastics itself is not only about physical fitness, but also mental. The majority of the current MHS gymnasts have years of experience from gymnastic clubs they have participated in throughout childhood. Captain junior Justine Rose, who has been doing gymnastics for about 7 years now states that the team “[gets] to challenge [themselves] and try new things while still having a lot of fun at practice. ” Even though the team lost key gymnasts last year, Rose believes the new gymnasts with experience are still going to benefit the team greatly. Rose also expresses how they work exceptionally hard through practice, but also is able to enjoy their time together. Throughout their practices, the gymnasts seemed to be improving and are creating a great bond within the team. Their training involves numerous of hours on the beams, vault, uneven bars, and floor. This dedicated team is on their way for a great season. Captain Rose reveals, “Our team is very small but I still expect great things out of us.” [fbphotos id=450780918308613]

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