Fundraising at Malden High School


Every few weeks at Malden High School, you hear about what new fundraisers are being held. Signs are hung up, students start to plead for your business, and tables outside of the cafeteria are filled with people desperately trying to sell things.

Fundraising throughout the school has always been abundant. Many clubs are trying to raise money to fund themselves so that they can go on field trips, buy supplies, and support different causes. Suddenly, it has become difficult to get through a regular school day without hearing of some club trying to raise money.

Maybe it is the season—Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, thus most clubs have an excuse to sell. Carnations, Crush soda cans, and Hershey’s kisses are being sold to support clubs in desperate need of funding. All clubs are taking advantage of the holiday to sell everything from meaningful cards to chocolate lollipops.

Students are very creative when it comes to a point where they have to make money. There are events like Mr. MHS, a contest in which senior males showed off their school pride, which was held by the seniors and The Maldonian to raise money to lower prom and yearbook costs.

Among these clubs is French club, which is trying to raise money to go to a field trip to New York in the future. There, they hope to better their knowledge of French culture.

However, there are many clubs that use the money for more than just benefiting themselves. A lot of clubs hold fundraisers and give the profits to other groups outside of the high school who are more in need of it.

Extracurriculars are a great way for students to showcase their interests and make their high school career more enjoyable. However, MHS does not fund its clubs, so they have to come up with money to do certain things alone. This has been policy for many years, so club members have definitely found ways to adjust to this. Students have made traditions out of these events, and they have become something that everyone can look forward to.

Although they are often overlooked, fundraisers are an important part in any school, and MHS would not be quite the same without them. So next time you see a sign for a fundraiser or a special event, it would not hurt to donate to a club in need of the support.

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