Malden High School senior and boys basketball captain, Rodney Morton had made his mark in MHS history.

Morton had “been playing basketball since [he] could walk,” but played on an organized team for the first time in sixth grade. He is the team’s starting guard but can also play point guard and shooting guard.

“It’s crazy,” Morton states on becoming a captain. “I can’t believe how fast it came and wishing I would get nominated since freshman year. All it took was just staying on course and working hard.” He also states that it is not easy but he is glad that he was up for the challenge. Proving that hard work and dedication works, Morton is also the team’s top scorer. His season so far includes a 41-point game, back-to-back 20-point games, and a buzzer beater three-pointer against MHS’ Greater Boston League rival Everett.

Off the basketball court, Morton is a normal teenager who enjoys sleeping or listening to music during his spare time.

During the spring, Morton can be found playing center field for the MHS baseball team. He has played baseball since the age of four and considered it his favorite sport growing up.

What Morton will miss the most about MHS and MHS basketball will be being able to represent his school, family, and city against others. He plans on playing the rest of the games like they are his last because sooner or later, it will be his last. Morton’s goal for the rest of the season is “to have no regrets or ‘what ifs.’”

Morton plans on going on to play college basketball and hopes it guides him to get a good education along the way. His advice for the underclassmen is to “keep your grades up and start early by doing double sessions in the gym because they pay off. If you love the game it won’t be a hassle. And just stay on course, you’ll get in what you put out. That goes for anything, you can always control your effort. There is nothing wrong with putting in extra work.”

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