Fun, Flair, and a Fashion Show


On Mar. 27, 2013, Malden High School hosted the Annual Senior Fashion Show. MHS seniors participated in four categories of different types of fashion, including formal, seasonal, sports, and vintage. Seniors strutted down the runway wearing their best, all set to a well-chosen track of music.

The first category was formal wear. Seniors took the runway by storm in a whirl of dresses and suits, eager to strut their stuff. Next was seasonal, and after a brief ten minute intermission, the models changed clothes and were ready once again. From summer shorts to Halloween costumes, the outfits were on point. Next was sports, in which both boys and girls showed their athletic prowess in their best equipment and gear. The night came to a close with the vintage category, which gave the models more room for their own personal flair. Seniors decked themselves out in clothes to match their own unique tastes and strolled down the runway one final time.

All funding from the ticket sales went to support the senior prom, and additional refreshments were provided outside the auditorium for the spectators during the intermissions.

“It was uber fun!” said senior Audrey Bardales, who modeled for the “Seasonal” category with a halloween-themed outfit and skit. She adds “I [was not] that nervous because I got used to [being on stage] after [Junior Varieties]. So instead of feeling nervous, I was just really excited to go out there with my classmates and have a blast!”

Matt Nunes, another one of the senior models, added the “best part was...going on stage and having people scream your name even though they [do not] know you.” Senior Thuan Banh reminisced that “it felt good being on stage again for the last time ever.”

To collect more funds for prom, there were also featured raffles for which participants could win prizes. Prizes included a 50/50 raffle, a Malden High pajama set, a Walgreens gift card, and a chance to win the ultimate prom package which consists of a free hairstyle, tuxedo rental from Russo’s Tux, $100 off at Precious Memories, a free manicure and pedicure service, and corsage and boutonniere, all free of charge. All winners went home happy, with seniors Paul Kiernan taking home $35 from the 50/50 raffle, Fernanda Muhlbeier winning the pajama set, and Stevie Klein winning the Walgreen’s gift card.

At the end of the night, the Class of 2013 had raised a significant amount of funding to ensure that this year's senior prom is unforgettable. Not only that, but the seniors got to show their style on the mock red carpet for all to see. The models enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame, with Nunes saying that it was even “really fun going to the rehearsals.” Until next year, MHS eagerly awaits the next senior fashion show!


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