A dedicated student of Malden High School, Amanda Ramsey was one of the many well-rounded graduates of the class of 2013. Ramsey is one of the many senior varsity girl’s lacrosse players, as she  has been playing the sport since the 6th grade, and has been a varsity player at MHS since her freshman year. She first thought of lacrosse as “something new and fun to try,” but did not really have much knowledge about the sport. However, in time, Ramsey grew to love lacrosse. She enjoys how fast-paced the sport is, while also the sense of belonging when being with her team.

Since Ramsey joined lacrosse back in her freshman year, the sport has definitely changed. When she first joined, it was still a fairly new program at MHS. However, in the past four years, things have gotten smoother, allowing the team to improve much more. In her years of playing lacrosse, one of the best pieces of advice that she has heard from her coach, Jessica Prickett, was “that you should always continue to push yourself, no matter what.” Not only does this apply to being on the field for every sport out there, but it also to all aspects of life, “even though that’s corny,” she stated lightheartedly.

Along with playing lacrosse, Ramsey was the captain of the field hockey team during the fall. She was also a part of the mock trial team, along with captain’s council, Helping Hands Club, and National Honor Society. Outside of school, Ramsey enjoys spending her time hanging out casually with friends and family members, along with staying active.

With Ramsey’s senior year and experience at MHS soon coming to close, she’s sad like many other seniors but, she “couldn’t be more excited to start a new chapter of [her] life.” She will definitely miss all of the close relationships that she has made in the past four years with peers, teammates, faculty members, and coaches at MHS. However, she’s still excited to see what the future has in store for everyone outside of MHS. In college, she has no plans for playing lacrosse or any sport on the official college team, but hopes to play in club and intramural teams instead to stay fit while still having fun.

For the younger and future girl’s lacrosse player, Ramsey says to just “go into lacrosse with a really open mind and not worry about the level their playing is at, because its still a fairly new sport to everyone. I think they should try hard and have fun!”

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