On and off the field, Corey French has made many goals that will forever impact his life. French has been playing lacrosse for Malden High School since freshman year ever since his friend, Asef Haider, introduced him to the sport. Haider considered French a beneficial piece to the lacrosse family because “[French] had the potential to be a great lacrosse player.”

Throughout their four years, Haider’s theory has been proven correct due to the long strides French has taken, as well as “[the team, who] improves every game and practice,” and is only getting better.

Jonathan Copithorne, one of the  coaches for lacrosse, admires French’s attitude towards the game. “He [does not] need to be told to do anything, and he never complains,” explains Copithorne. His advice for him is to “keep working hard.” French has become an important asset to the team after four years.

Haider’s feelings are mutual, as he stated, “[Corey is] always motivating [them] to do [their] best no matter what.” French’s resilient personality has helped him on the feild. He has moved to the first line of varsity, which mimics his hard work ethic. Haider advises French to persevere during his time in the military, and to “pursue [his] education while [he is] at it.” With support from his friends and coaches, French has the ability to accomplish anything.

French then goes on to explain that “if any player is dedicated to the sport, they will become a valuable asset to the team.” Aside from playing lacrosse, French is planning to go into the military and hold off on college until afterward, where he plans to major in criminal justice to become a local or state trooper. With plans to major in criminal justice, French interned at the Everett police station and loved the experience.

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