As a senior co-captain of the Malden High School girls’ tennis team, Lisa DeLacey has made lasting memories of her team and the game they all love, both good and bad.

DeLacey, who will be atteing the prestigious West Point Academy for Basic Cadet Training immediately following the close of the school year, on July 1, has been on the team since she was a freshman. She says that being a member of the girls’ tennis team has been a significant part of her high school career, and will miss it dearly when she departs MHS this June.

DeLacey states that while there were often “blowouts” between teammates, she thanks her teammates and coaches for being there for her through experiences she will treasure for the rest of her life; she says that she will even miss the fighting, as she values the good times and the bad she has experienced with her teammates throughout high school: “The close matches…and the physical [toll taken on herself]” were all worth it in the end. They have “all made me a stronger, more confident player and  individual,” she shares.

DeLacey plans on continuing her athletic career throughout her college years, which is mandatory for students attending West Point. DeLacey hopes to take part in volleyball, basketball, or tennis.

“I will most definitely continue to play tennis at West Point and throughout my life.” DeLacey expresses, “Tennis is a sport that lasts a lifetime….I am excited to begin a new journey, but will greatly miss life as a high schooler.”

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