Transitioning from student teacher to full time educator, Caroline Lorenz is a bright new asset to the foreign language faculty at Malden High School.

Lorenz grew up in the panhandle of Florida in the city of Pensacola. During high school, she played on her school’s varsity basketball team. She was also the editor of her school’s newspaper, which, ironic enough, is also called The Blue and Gold. She “loved writing opinion columns,” as well as completing the layout for the newspaper.

After high school, Lorenz attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, where she majored in history. During that time she also studied film as well as Spanish. In time, Lorenz fell in love with the language. As her passion for Spanish grew, Lorenz decided to study abroad in Spain in her junior year. Her taste for travel continues as she returned to Spain a few years ago, and just this past year she journeyed to both Ireland and France.

How does one end up at MHS after attending a college in Maine? Lorenz’s adoration for the Spanish language carried her to her current career as a high school foreign language teacher. As it happened, Lorenz’s roommate in college attended MHS, so “[Lorenz] knew it was a good school [to work at].”

When she arrived at MHS, Lorenz expressed that she “was fortunate enough to find Mrs. Kalagher and work with her… she prepared me well,” commented Lorenz. She described her transition from being a student teacher as “a lot to handle at one time,” she added,  “but it is also fun so that [she] can figure out [her] own way of doing things.” Spanish teacher Sharon Kalagher believes Lorenz is “a great addition to the department” as she is “quick with technology and has a nice demeanor with the students. [Kalagher thinks] she fits right in at MHS.”

Outside of work, Lorenz takes satisfaction in being active. She enjoys bowling and is a member of a league that she described as “really fun.” She is also part of a softball league and bowling league.

Coming from a homogeneous high school, Lorenz “[loves] how diverse all the students are at MHS.”  Her main goal for this year is to “help all of [her] students love learning Spanish, whether they want to or not,” she laughed.

With her spunk and enthusiasm, Lorenz has much to offer to her students and MHS as a whole.


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