Boys Cross Country: Long Runs and High Hopes

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Malden High School’s boys cross country team has begun the season with a fantastic start. They have worked their absolute best during practice to become an outstanding team. The  new runners are getting right into the rhythm of constant practicing and working hard. Balancing school and rigorous practices are a lot of work, but they have managed to make the best of their time and get everything done. As for returning runners, they have no worries, since they have already been through this many times before. Boys cross country coach David Londino says that they “have some very talented runners.” As of now, it looks like it will be a great season for the team.

Even though it is early in the season, senior captain Daniel Gould says that they are “keeping [themselves] healthy”, and he also predicts that this will be a good season. With the incoming freshmen, they could be bringing in some skilled runners, who are there to support their team and are willing to make a difference for the team. By becoming friends and getting to know one another that will benefit them into becoming a better team. They quickly have gotten to know each other, and now can help each other in correcting what they are doing wrong, or give each other tips.

Besides practice, the boys also have to stay in shape and stay healthy. They must eat well on a daily basis. Senior captain David Kibazo feels that “[they’re] doing well, everyone is running strong, and everyone is in good form.”  Although the team lost to Cambridge on Sept. 18 the season has much to go before it ends.  With three more competitors left to face in the GBL as well as states and invitationals, the team has a lot to look forward to.  The whole team has high hopes for the season, and definitely believe that there is room for improvement in order to fulfill their goals this year.

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