Democracy’s Craziest Elections: Vermin Supreme’s Campaign


Promising everyone a free pony, bringing up the issues such as gingivitis, carrying around a giant toothbrush, throwing “glitter bombs” and wearing a rain boot on his head, Vermin Supreme has been one of the most ridiculous candidates to ever run for president in the United States of America.

Supreme is a performing artist, anarchist, and activist who grew up in Boston. He legally changed his name to Vermin Supreme when he graduated from High School. He explains that, “All politicians are vermin and I report to be the most supreme vermin there is.” He also ran for mayor of Baltimore, mayor of Detroit, and mayor of mayor of Mercury, Nevada.

He has said that if being elected as president of the United States, he would pass a law that requires all people to brush their teeth. When he campaigned in 2012, he shared his zombie apocalypses awareness. He has claimed to been involved in time travel research. His other goals included utilizing “the awesome power of zombies,” for energy use and DNA splicing, “to create a race of winged monkeys to act as tooth fairies.” He also threw a “glitter bomb”, a handful of glitter, on Randall Terry during a Democratic Party presidential debate.

To clear up some of your confusion, Supreme was trying to make a point and not trying to actually become president. “Supreme describes himself as a “friendly fascist’’ and “a tyrant you can trust.’’ He also claims to mock politicians and the political system. He says that “all politicians are vermin,’’ and was trying to mock them during his campaign by saying, “just remember that a vote for Vermin Supreme is a vote completely thrown away. Although Supreme wasn’t serious about actually becoming president but still hopes to “ride our ponies into the future.”

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