With the end of the season finally here, the Malden High School’s Field Hockey team surely finished strong.  The girls worked harder than ever to put out their best effort in the closing of this season.  With tough practices and strategic planning, the girls were more than prepared to compete in their last few games.

The team worked really hard this season, fighting till the finish. Even though they had their share of losses, they played with great spirit and determination. Competing against Everett on Oct. 18, 2013  the team tied with their opponent for a second time, ending with a score of 3-3. On Oct. 24, 2013 the team faced Melrose for their senior game, ending with a final score of 0-0.  Showing off their fierce defense it was obvious they could hold their own against this tough competition.  Many positive things can be said about the field hockey team, but one important thing is that they never give up. No matter what the score is they keep on fighting, and keep running until the game is done.

The team plays with an evident character of perseverance.  Senior Courtney Kilgore commented on their game against North Reading and how they “didn’t do so well”, but after succeeding in tough practices the team played them again and won, saying that it “marked a changing point in our season.”  Kilgore talked about how they learn from their mistakes and help each other when they need it. Since the team is mostly made of all new players, they were lucky to have each other, and the senior players, to ask for help. Together, they have done well and have accomplished so much.

Even though this season is over, before we know it another one will begin.  Although the team will lose senior captains Julie Bourgea and Blue and Gold member Kristen Leonard, as well as other seniors, this year’s new members have learned enough from them to continue their success in next year’s field hockey season. The hopes and goals for next season of course is to do well and prevail in the Greater Boston League but most importantly, to work hard, have fun, and stay focused.


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