Hair embodies the face and reveals a person’s inner self. Hair is the most visible and prominent feature on a person. At a young age you might have seen older girls with luscious and elegant hair which now have influences you to go and try the same styles too.

A messy bun could represent that a person is feeling lazy or tired, hair that is curled and completed with an accessory represents a person who is determined and ready for their day. Thousands of girls have started their own YouTube channel to present to everyone their own do-it-yourself ideas and many have respond to each and every one of them positively.

A cute but messy bun is a very easy thing to achieve but one finished off with a braid that wraps around the bun makes it even more fun. There are days where you only get a few hours of sleep because of an essay you had to do that night and all you want to do is scrub it out with sweats and a messy bun. With this braided messy bun it is easy to look poised and the best part is, is that it can be done in a timely manner. It is the answer to any bad hair day.

The first thing to do is to thoroughly brush your hair through (this does not apply to curly hair) and take a piece of the bangs and pin it to the other part of your hair. Once that is finished, then grab either a thick or thin part of the hair on the left side and begin braiding very tightly to make sure the braid does not lose its place in the bun. Once the braid is in place pull it back with the rest of the hair, and then to the side and use a ponytail to hold it in place. Another step, that is completely optional, is curling the rest or braiding the rest. You then take the pin out of your bangs and let the bangs frame your face; it would be best to curl the bangs to give it an elegant feel but that is optional. When that part is done being curled, to make it into a messy bun you need to tease the ponytail. Finally, wrap the braid around the and wrap ponytail around itself.

You can do anything with the bun to make it into your own style and maybe pin a few parts to keep them in place. There is no need for any harmful products to the hair or time-wasting deeds. Curly hair can be done easier because of texture of the hair it can be braided and put back with the rest. You can also make the bun even cuter since you can be as creative as you want when styling your hair. It is your hair, you can do whatever to make it look more you!

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