* Corrected on print. Editorial note: There were a few errors in the development of the crossword puzzle that resulted in unclear letter boxes. We apologize for this oversight and will avoid this problem in future editions.

Answer Key:

Across 1. Damascus is the capital of Syria. 5. The government shutdown began on October 1st* after the failure of Congress to pass a budget. 6. Vince Gilligan is the creator of AMC series Breaking Bad. 7. The Microsoft tablet is called the surface. 9. Teacher Caitlin Graham practiced rugby in college. 10. Teacher Julie Snyder went to high school in Brockton. 13. Teacher Melissa Macey is native to the city of Needham. 15. Zandspruit is the name of the daycare center Courtney Moore worked at during summer search. 18. Teacher Charles Bowers went to the business college of Northeastern University. 20. Junior Mark Ortiz went to the Appalachian mountains for summer search. 21. Guidance Councillor Taryn Belowsky's favorite sport is basketball. 22. Moccasins are comfortable shoes to wear in the autumn. 25. Sarin gas was used in the Syrian chemical attacks. 27. Kate Haskell teaches chemistry. 28. The Class of 2016 hosted the Friday Night Rave on October 25th. 29. Adjustment Councilor Megan Huth is part Swedish. 31. Naegleria is the species of this amoeba. Down 1. Teacher Abbey Dick uses Twitter to keep her students up to date. 3. Carol Mastromauro earned the Model UN [one word] Teacher of the Year Award. 4. The Junior class will host the 2014 Junior Varieties. 8. Ms. Rogowicz is one of the advisors of the Class of 2014, along with Ms. Brown. 9. Teacher Caroline Lorenz found out about MHS through her roommate. 11. Teacher Elizabeth Gibbon's favorite movie is Blades of Glory. 12. Returning Teacher Beverly Nyman injured her foot. 14. Cinnamon is an important spice to use in pumpkin spice cupcakes and other autumn treats. 16. The Habitat for Humanity is a new club at MHS. 17. Teacher Rachel Hanlon studied abroad in France. 19. Teacher Rosa de los Santos is a salsa dancer. 22. Michelle Obama is inspirational to teacher Judy Comer. 23. A fatal shooting took place at the Washington Navy Yard. 24. Teacher Julie Fox is a swim coach at the YMCA. 25. Sophia is the name of teacher Chrisanne Webb's middle child. 30. Teacher Miranda Libkin's dog is named Dill.

Next month's theme: Politics, current events, and elections!

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