You Snow You Wanna Try This


The cold air is here and so is winter. That can only mean one thing, snow. Whether it snows this year or not, here are two crafts that will prepare you for (hopefully) a white Christmas (or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.).

 SNOW GLOBE: (no liquid)  Supplies:

- Mason Jar

-Hot glue gun (or strong glue)

-Mini christmas tree, or ornament (or whatever you want in your globe)

-White Glitter

-Red ribbon (or any color) (optional)

 This craft is pretty easy, and is an adorable decoration for the winter time! First glue the tree or little figurine to the lid of the mason jar. Then fill the jar with the white glitter. After that screw the cap on tightly (make sure the glue is dry!) and there it is! Tying ribbon around the bottom of the globe (where the lid is) and tying a cute little bow is an option.  



- Red felt

- White felt

- Black hat (foam or fabric, can also make one)

- Red ribbon

- Buttons (big)

- Carrot (real or fake)

- Snowflake stencil

- Hot glue gun (or needle and thread)

- Needle and thread (or hot glue gun)

- Black Acrylic paint

- Scissors

- Pencil

- Stones (optional)

 While snowmen are always home-aid, this cute little kit is a perfect gift for those who love the snow! The first thing is the scarf. Buying a scarf is an option, or knitting one could give a more personal touch. Another way is to buy two squares of red felt, then cut each one in half the long way. Then either sew the pieces together or hot glue the ends to make one long red scarf. To make is look a little more decorative, cut fringe on the bottom of the scarf. Next, take a piece of white felt and the snowflake stencil, and trace the outline. Then cut out the snowflake. After that sew or hot glue the snowflake to the end of the scarf above the fringe. It is possible to do one snowflake on each end or just one snowflake at the end. The top hat is much easier, just take the felt or rubber hat and ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the hat and then make a bow. Making your own hat is an option and the link to the websites for both crafts will be below, the one for this craft explains how to make the top hat. For the eyes, either use the buttons (colored ones can be painted black). Or use stones and paint them black like coal eyes. The rest of the buttons are for the snowmans chest. Lastly, the carrot. Now it is pretty hard to find a fake carrot nose, if its possible, include a real carrot. But if this craft is going to be given as a gift remember to warn the receiver that the carrot will eventually spoil. If this craft will be a gift, also make sure to include a little tag saying “Just add Snow!”

Have fun making these crafts and have a Happy Holiday!


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