Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of the Teen Enrichment Center

Photo courtesy of Catherine MacMullin
Photo courtesy of Catherine MacMullin

The future of the city of Malden changed when proud leaders came together and outlined their plan for a new development in the city: the Malden Teen Enrichment Center (MTEC). MTEC Coordinator Catherine MacMullin initially worked with Marie Brown to begin a new chapter in our proud city. What started out as an idea transformed into a successful development.

MTEC Coordinator MacMullin and Brown visited the YMCA, where Debbie Amaral, Chief Executive Officer of the YMCA, agreed to give free space to the students every other Friday night; afterwards, volunteers and donations poured in. After experiencing the success at the YMCA, Principal Dana Brown, Beth Rosa, a member of the Malden Redevelopment Authority, and Gary Christenson, before he was elected Mayor, took time to help with the new plans. These plans included creating an area where students had access to recreation and education help daily.

Gregory Lucey, a retiree from the city council, was also asked for help when MacMullin wanted to achieve her dream of bringing a teen center to Malden. Because of all the endless support, it was finally possible. After several donations from trusted foundations, the possibilities were endless. The center was well on its way to becoming a dream come true.

Televisions and pool tables decorated the place. The interior design, created by Molly Pidgeon, successfully fulfilled the vision of the MTEC. Although the structure of the place stayed the same, the center gained a tutoring and leadership program over the course of the year.

Overall, there are ups and downs to working virtually anywhere, including MacMullin’s job at the MTEC. However, she mentioned how “there is no more frustration after 2 p.m.,” when around 120 students come in daily.

The MTEC celebrated their one year anniversary on Dec. 12, 2013. The staff helped plan the event; the board of directors were invited, and around 180 students participated as well.

With a peak of 550 Malden teens as members of the center, the potential of the center only increases.

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