Scented of chocolate from the moment you walk in, Max Brenner is the perfect candidate when deciding upon a restaurant for Valentine’s Day. From the convenient chocolate shop to the fondue options, from various hot chocolate flavors to delicious lunch and dinner courses -Max Brenner offers the best atmosphere for those celebrating the loving holiday. What other restaurant fits the traditional Valentine’s Day filled with chocolate and food?

The setting is cozy and warm with the conspicuous aroma of chocolate. In the corner of the restaurant you can find the gift shop where you can buy t-shirts, chocolate, custom made cups, and more. In the other corner there is the bar and lounge for those who only want to order shakes and hot chocolate. The remaining of the restaurant is seating surrounded by chocolate inspired art and decorative tubes of chocolate.

When ordering drinks there are various options such as shakes, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, lattes, and more. Each offers multiple flavors to choose from and all drinks come in uniquely shaped cups made especially for the drink of your choice (shakes come in the Alice Cup and hot chocolate comes in the Hug Mug). The price range is somewhat high but is well worth the money due to the quality and flavors that set it aside from other restaurants.

Max Brenner can easily be chosen for lunch, dinner, or dessert too. All dishes are tasteful and perfectly portioned for each person. On the menu you would find paninis, waffle sandwiches, salads, pizza, burgers, and more. If you are going for strictly dessert, the Fondue for Two is popular and highly recommended because it comes with samples of mini treats, fruits, and ice cream leaving enough to share for maybe even more than two people. Also a majority of the meals have a chocolate ingredient, making almost anything you ordered all the more better.

Overall, Max Brenner is a great spot to try out or return toValentine’s day. They are located on Newbury St. which is great for additional shopping or activities and is close to the green line for easy transportation. Celebrate with savory chocolate and appetizing food at Max Brenner this Valentine’s Day.

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