Posse Scholar: Claude Bonnet


Photo by Sumya Mohiuddin

Come fall, senior Claude Bonnet will be walking or perhaps running, as he has done for Malden High School cross country and track, on the Union College campus in Schenectady, New York. He hopes to major in either Biology or Bio-Chemistry because he claims that it was “taught really well to [him] at MHS,” and things make sense to him when learning about them. After, he hopes to attend medical school, using the knowledge he attained at both MHS and Union College.

Having first heard about Posse his sophomore year from French teacher Molly Crellin,- Bonnet did not take much interest, thinking that college was still far away. However, his  junior year,   some of Bonnet’s friends who were senior won the scholarships and his interest was peaked, leading him to discuss Posse with his cousin, who won the scholarship a few years prior. His cousin also gave Bonnet advice concerning which school to attend. Originally planning on attending Centre College, Bonnet was advised against it due to the fact that it would be “[ difficult to commute back home for the holidays.]”

The application process began with Bonnet being recommended by “good friend,”  MHS alumni and former Blue and Gold member Haley Dowdie.  He went through all three rounds of the interviews, advancing after each, getting closer and closer to his ultimate goal; “to win.”  Bonnet stated that “about five minutes after walking into [his] house,” from the last round, an interview with the Vice President of Admission a Union College, he received a phone call inviting him to be a member of the Class of 2018. Upon receiving the call, Bonnet was “overjoyed,” and claims that it was a “very relieving moment in [his] life.”

Despite having a “truly amazing time,” and making very strong and lasting relationships at MHS, Bonnet is excited to move on to a new part of his life. He hopes to continue to develop his leadership skills which began at MHS, whether it was in class, or in sports. He believes the Posse program will help continue leading him down the path that MHS has set him on; one of success.

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